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Napa Valley Dry Rosé, California


Aromas and flavors of guava, watermelon jolly rancher, cherry blossoms, key lime, Bartlett pear and wet stone. There is a pleasing tartness, and a savory gentle touch of red wine tannins. Best to drink in its first year of release, these bottles go fast as the season kicks in! Optimum serving temperature: 44 ° F – 56 ° F. Only 190 cases produced. 


Harvest Dates: August 21, 2020

Vintage Notes: Grape Growers recall that conditions were ideal at the start of 2020, with mild temperatures that led to evenly developed clusters. The low winter rainfall resulted in smaller berries with concentrated flavors. Following an early bud break and warm summer, harvest kicked off at the beginning of August. Although challenged by the two fires during the harvest season, ultimately, most wineries decided to make only their best wines at limited production. This is exactly what Biale did and we know that you will enjoy these wines that express the promise anticipated by the ideal conditions of the early growing season.

Alcohol: 12.9%

Ageability: Best to drink in its first year of release, but it can age for a few years.

2020 Rosato