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Napa Valley Petite Sirah


At Biale, we use an acronym–E.B.A.–Extended Barrel Aged. In certain vintages we hold back a small number of barrels of our crème de la crème of Petite Sirah to allow for extra development–up to 14 months extra. The extra time in barrel is very kind to the deep fruit and sturdy tannins of Petite Sirah–(well, the right Petite Sirah) adding an extra dimension of fine texture and synthesis with the deep core of dark fruit the grape variety is famous for. In the glass it adds up to heightened aromatics and a lengthier and spectacularly broad finish – what a French winemaker might call le queue du paon, or the tail of the peacock. A similar result is attained in aging in bottle, but in barrel the effect is superior. Notes of black cherry, dark plum, fig, black tea, and vanilla wafer. Soft and weighty entry with opulent black fruits layered with masculine tannins that build to a long, wet finish.75 cases produced.



Harvest Dates: September 10, 2017

Alcohol: 14.8%

Vintage Notes: The 2017 growing season started out with ideal weather conditions. After a very wet winter, there was plenty of moisture available to the vines which made for vigorous canopy growth and a healthy crop load. Summer temperatures were well above average and then a series of heat spikes at the end of the growing season quickly pushed the Zinfandel to perfect ripeness.
2017 EBA Extended Barrel Aged Petite Sirah (14.8% Alc)